High level adventure trail components

Build your own trail from our range of high level trail components, or mix with low level items.

High level adventure trail
Monkey rungs
Up & Over 2
Up & Over 2

AT-3000 - Monkey rungs

Monkey Rungs are one of the most popular challenges in any playground. Children love to see if they have the strength and stamina to get from start to finish.

AT-3002 - Up & Over 1

A simple static wooden climber o which children can climb to 1.6m.

AT-3003 - Up & Over 2

Available with a net and log climber, which is slightly easier than the up and over net and offer 2 angled challenges, maximum height 1.6mtr.

AT-3004 Up & Over 3

Vertical and angled scramble nets similar to an assault course challenge max 1.6m net.

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