Low level adventure trail components

Build your own trail from our range of low level trail components, or mix with high level items.

Low level trail components
Low level trail components
Low level trail components
Low level trail components
Low level trail components
Low level trail components
Low level trail components
Low level trail components

AT-2000 - Balance beam

Balance Beams, great for balance and co-ordination an Adventure trail must

AT-2001 - Burmah Bridge

Burmah Bridge, either as part of a trail or to aid in theming a play area the Burma bridge offers a great test of balance.

AT-2002 - Clatter bridge

The Clatter bridge provides a fun, bouncy link between components.

AT-2003 - Crossed ropes

Crossed Ropes Balance and dexterity are tested on the crossed ropes.

AT-2004 - Drop rope traverse

Balance your way accross the tight-rope with the aid of the hanging ropes.

AT-2005 - Inclined beam

Incline Beam, adds a bit more af a challenge to the classic balance beam.

AT-2006 - Parallel ropes

Parrallel ropes test balance and dexerity, traverse your way accross.

AT-2007 - Slalom

Weave your way thorugh the slalom without losing your balance.

AT-2008 - Springy plank

Springy Plank Bounce and sway on the top of the range balance beam.

AT-2009 - Stepping post

Great as individual step posts or a great way to link other trail items.

AT-2010 - Stilts

Stilts are a step up from the standard stepping posts – the stilts add vertical posts, either to aid in the use or to provide another dimension of use.

AT-2011 - Suspended plank

Suspension Plank Bring out your inner surfer on the suspended plank.

AT-2012 - Swinging steps

Swinging Steps good balance and coordination are required to navigate these steps

AT-2013 - Wobble plank

Wobble Walk, can you cross this swaying bridge without using the handrails?

AT-2014 - Bouncy disc

Bouncy Disc, exciting and dynamic for games and exercise - great as individual steps or a great way to link other trail items.

AT-2015 - Spiral ropes

Spiral Ropes another great test of balance – step for rope to rope  -  good as a corner item within a larger trail.

AT-2016 - Twister rope net

A test of balance and strength, hang on to the twisting net and traverse between items.

AT-2017 - Rock traverse

The rock traverse panels are a low level activity that can be installed as a stand alone item or incorporated as part of an adventure trail. Each section measures 1.2M long and can be installed as multiples of this. Safer surfacing is not required generally for this equipment when installed onto well maintained grass as the activity takes place below 600mm.

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