Numeracy & literacy

Educational markings essential to learning, bring the classroom outdoors!



  • Size: 2m x 5m

  • Description: Playground Markings Fractions are an idea learning tool to help teach KS1 and KS2 fractions. 



  • Size: 5m x 5m

  • Description: The game is played by a child starting in the Start box, the teacher or another child calls out a number. The child then starts moving around the maze calling out the solution to the maths questions as they move around the maze. If the child completes the maze then he or she has won the game. If a question is answered wrongly then the child drops out and the next child begins.

PM-3002 - 1-10 CATERPILLAR


  • Size: 3.5m x 1m

  • Description: This colourfull, bright and vibrant 1-10 Caterpillar is a fun and exciting playground marking for Nursery Schools and Key Stage 1 children.

PM-3003 - 1-10 DRAGON


  • Size: 5m x 1m

  • Description: This fun and exciting playground marking is ideal for nursery and key stage 1 children to learn counting numbers.

PM-3004 - 1-10 CROCODILE


  • Size: 5m x 1m

  • Description: This fun and exciting playground marking is ideal for nursery and key stage 1 children to learn counting numbers.

PM-3005 - 1-10 SNAKE


  • Size: 5m x 1m

  • Description: This fun and exciting playground marking is ideal for nursery and key stage 1 children to learn counting numbers.

PM-3006 - 1-25 CATERPILLAR


  • Size: 8m x 1m

  • Description: 1-25 number caterpillar used to teach Nursery and Key Stage 1 counting and numeracy skills as well as an exciting play area for all children.

PM-3007 - 1-25 DRAGON


  • Size: 8.5m x 1m

  • Description: 1-25 Number Dragon ideal for nursery and Key Stage 1 playgrounds.

PM-3008 - 1-25 CROCODILE


  • Size: 8.5m x 0.8m

  • Description: 1-25 Crocodile ideal for Key Stage 1 and Nursery playgrounds.

PM-3009 - 1-25 SNAKE


  • Size: 7m x 1m

  • Description: 1-25 Number Snake playground marking ideal for early learning in nursery schools and Key Stage 1 play areas.



  • Size: 8m x 1m

  • Description: Thermoplastic playground marking a to z Caterpillar. Can be used as a teaching aid for Nursery, Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 children. 

PM-3011 - A-Z DRAGON


  • Size: 8.5m x 1m

  • Description: Alphabet Playground Dragon used as teaching aid for children to learn the alphabet. One of our most popular KS1 playground games.



  • Size: 8.5m x 0.8m

  • Description: Alphabet Playground Crocodile used as teaching aid for children to learn the alphabet in a fun and exciting visually bright environment.

PM-3013 - A-Z SNAKE


  • Size: 7m x 1m

  • Description: Playground literacy game using solid shapes with letters ontop of snake segments. Ideal for nursey ks1 and upwards.



  • Size: 6m x 1m

  • Description: Line Snake with alphabet can be used for all children to learn the alphabet and spell words. Lines and letters can be any variation of colours.



  • Size: 4m x 3m

  • Description: A great, colourful and fun teaching aid for children of all ages. Two 1 to 10 Caterpillars with add, subtract, divide, multiply sign in the middle, and an answer box for the children to go into when they have worked out the answer.



  • Size: 2.4m x 1.2

  • Description: Spell out any word by jumping from leller to letter.

PM-3017 - 1-25 SPIRAL


  • Size: 4m x 4m

  • Description: 1-25 number spiral is a great counting game for increasing children's activity in the playground.



  • Size: 4m x 4m

  • Description: a-z letters in a spiral shape for children to learn the alphabet in an exciting and fun way as well as getting exercise.



  • Size: 2m x 4m

  • Description: 26 alphabet letters on 5 different coloured shapes including square, triangle, rectangle, circle and star. A great teaching ail for nursery, infant and Key Stage 1 children. Will brighten up any play area.



  • Size: 3.2m x 0.8m

  • Description: The phonemes consist of 16 x 400mm coloured disks with 16 different phonetic sounds. These are used to teach children the different sounds that make up words in a fun play environment.



  • Size: 3m x 2m

  • Description: Even number learning

PM-3022 - DINO ODD


  • Size: 3m x 2m

  • Description: Odd number learning



  • Size: 9m x 1.5m

  • Description: A proven approach in teaching mathermatics in the primary national curriculum . It helps to develops fluency by using a visual, practical base  to develop conceptual understanding and fluent recall.



  • Size: 3.5m x 1.5m

  • Description: A colourful and exciting teaching aid for children to learn the keys on a computer keyboard using 300mm x 300mm coloured squares with the letters in the order of a keyboard. The Querty keyboard design originates from  Sholes and Glidden typewriter designed  in 1873 and sold to Remmington.

PM-3025 - 1-10 SNAIL


  • Size: 2.5m x 1.5m

  • Description: This bright and colourful friendly snail is numbered 1-10 around his shell. Perfect for playing games whilst learning numeracy. 

PM-3026 - A-Z SNAIL


  • Size: 2.5m x 1.5m

  • Description: Alphabet Playground Snail used as teaching aid for children to learn the alphabet. Looks great against the plain tarmac of any playground area. Great  for nursery, infants and Key Stage 1 children.

PM-3027 - 1-25 SNAIL


  • Size: 2.5m x 1.5m

  • Description: 1-25 Playground Snail can be used as a teaching aid for young children to learn to count while playing. Great fun for nursey, infants and key stage 1 children.

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