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Goal ends

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Sports equipment is what we specialize in, and we have a system for every need. Goal ends are a great way to enhance a tired playground area and create multi-play opportunities. 

About Multi-use goal ends


  • A Multi use goal is a stand alone multi-sport structure where multiple sporting activities can be played. They are often part of full Multi-use games areas (MUGA's) with perimeter sports fencing. Activities can include football, five-a-side, basketball, netball, cricket and target games.


  • Goal ends are often referred to as Kick walls, Ball walls or combination goals. Kick-walls and Ball-walls tend to be a flush run of fencing, where a Goal end might have recessed football goal area.


  • AXO Leisure Goal-ends are Compliant with BS EN 15312 (the safety requirements and test methods for free-access multi-sports equipment) and PAS 30:1998 (the standards governing outdoor recreational multi-sports equipment)


  • AXO Lesiure heavy-duty goal ends are galvanized and powder coated and carry a 25 year guarantee.


  • Whatever your existing site has to offer, we can provide bespoke sizes and alterations to standard goals to provide the maximum play value or maximise your budget.


  • We have provided goal ends to a wide range of Schools and local authorities. Check our site locator here.


  • There is guidance available from Sport England on the provision of Goal ends which can be found here


Multi-use goal end

Prefer a fully enclosed court?


Why not go for a Multi-use games area (MUGA) with combination goal units and perimeter fenicng.


Click here to view our range of Multi-use games area's.



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