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Play Frames

‘Play and Fitness in a box’
Our Play Frames and Tri Play units accommodate the elements of our ‘Adventure Trails’ range but unlike the traditional Adventure Trail which is usually set in an advancing line, our Play Frames and Tri Play units incorporate similar apparatus for customer with a limited area to work with.

Explore the online brochure to see the full range.

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Clamber Castle (1).webp

Clamber Castle & Towers

The Clamber Tower range incorporates two of our most popular ranges – Clamber Stacks and Tower Units. As a set of ‘hybrid’ units offering one of our ever popular Clamber Stacks with the addition of one or more Tower Unit decks, Rope Bridges, Slides and Fireman’s Poles.

Available in both Castle and our Rickety House themes we can offer a wide range of options to fit your customers particular requirements.

The range also features the mega Clamber Castle !

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Timber Towers.webp

Timber Towers

‘…escape and explore’
Our Tower Units have utilised our cutting edge production technology to produce a selection of impressive set units in various themes including ‘rickety house’ and ‘Castle’. Alternatively, options are available for modular replacement interlink sections and a choice of rope, steel and HDPE colours to create a bespoke and distinctive unit that meets your play scheme needs.


Timber Ships

Shiver me timbers, swab the decks, batten down the hatches and all hands on deck!
Bringing together traditional play elements like ropes, slides, climbing walls and ladders our Timber Ships use our Modular Towers system to create fun nautical themed pirate ships suitable for a variety of ages and budgets.

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