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Multi-use Games Areas (MUGA)

MUGA's are what we specialize in, and we have a system for every need. We can handle your MUGA project from planning through to construction with surfacing, markings, floodlighting, the whole package. We are so confident in the design and quality of our system, we offer a 25 year guarantee on our heavy-duty system.

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Full size courts for everyone

Designed for everyone to use and following the guidance of British standards.

For Primary school age

Designed for a primary school environment, with proportions to suit younger children.

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What is a MUGA?

You've heard the term used a lot, but what does it mean?


Our pricing guide and free quotation service.

Planning & funding

Our planning guide and resources.

Sport England

Building to a Sport England spec? We can help


Our free, no obligation service explained


A detailed look at our available MUGA systems

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Goal ends

No perimeter fencing, just the multi-use ball game area

Sports accessories

From basketball and netball posts to tennis nets

The acronym 'MUGA' stands for Multi-use games area and is used to describe a purpose built, fenced of area for recreational or competetive sports such  as football, five-a-side, tennis, netball, basketball and hockey to be carried out. Axo Leisure specialize in designing, manufacturing and installaing all aspects of a MUGA in line with current guidelines and standards.


There are an endless combination of court sizes, fencing specifications, fencing heights, surfacing options and sport provisions to choose from when designing a Multi-use games area, two courts are rarely the same. We aim to work with clients and outline there specific needs versus their budget and available site, to come up with the best court possible.


  • AXO Leisure MUGA's are Compliant with BS EN 15312 (the safety requirements and test methods for free-access multi-sports equipment) and PAS 30:1998 (the standards governing outdoor recreational multi-sports equipment)

  • AXO Lesiure heavy-duty ball court fencing and combination goal units are galvanized and powder coated and carry a 25 year guarantee.

  • We have worked with numerous school and local authorities and can provide references, click here to see our site locator map. Click here to read our testimonials / case studies. Our clients include ....


What is a MUGA?




Axo leisure have a standard range of MUGA courts which we have put together based on what has been popular over the years. To request a price list, call us or fill out our contact form. you can view the standard courts by following the links above to your preferred product range.


If you require a bespoke MUGA we'll be happy to discuss the requirements with you and provide a free quotation and site survey. By filling out the form below and answering the questions we will have enough information and will respond with an official quotation.

Planning & funding



There are several factors to consider when planning a Multi-use games area, whether it be in a school, private club or for public access.

Some of these factors are:


  • What sports will the facility cater for?

  • At what performance level are the sports to be played at (eg recreation only, training, competition level etc..)?

  • What surface will be used to allow all chosen sports to be played?

  • What space is available and what is the best location for access and people flow?

  • Who will maintain the MUGA?

  • Should access be restricted during certain hours?

  • What is the desired lifespan of the MUGA and what level of vandal resistance is required?


As there are so many possibilities when designing a Multi-use games area, there has to be a compromise whether it be because of a budget restriction, location restriction, or a desire to cater to many different uses without concentrating on one sport.

Axo Leisure are here to help during this planning process, and will always ensure you have the best product despite any limitations. 




We have put together the following links to help you get started on your search for funding...


  • Sport England - A great resource for advise and guidance on all aspects of sport facilities, with funding from the National Lottery Awards Scheme, this page will guide you through the process for applying for grants.

  • Big Lottery Fund - Offering grants from £300 to more than £500,000 to community and voluntary groups and charities.

  • Cash4Clubs - Cash 4 Clubs facilitates fundraising for community sports clubs throughout the country.

  • UK COmmunity Foundation - The umbrella of your local community foundation where you can find useful funding channels.

  • Football Foundation - This fund aims to improve facilities for football and other sport in local communities that will sustain or increase participation amongst children and adults.

  • People's Postcode Lottery -  Small Grants invite applications for projects that focus on the prevention of poverty, healthy living initiatives, upholding human rights and facilitating reconciliation projects which help disadvantaged or at-risk groups.



Sport England


Sport England offer support and guidance on the planning, funding and procurement of outdoor play facilities. There are guidance documents available for Multi-use games area's, see the links below.

While the guidance is very useful in the planning of a MUGA court, there are usually limitations in what can be acheived with the budget or space available. Axo Leisure are here to talk you through the planning process to offer a system that is as close to the Sport England ideal as possible.


A guide to the design, specification & construction of MUGA's -

  • Part 1 - General Guidance and Design Considerations; Dimensions and Layouts

  • Part 2 - General Procurement and Contracts Guidance

  • Part 3 - General Conditions and Preliminaries; Design and Construction Requirements & MUGA Specific Requirements


Axo Leisure have produced a standard product to match the Sport England specification for various sports. Take a look at them here in the Pro-Lite court section.


What will you get from us?

From the outset, Axo Leisure offer you our support and guidance. The usual process usually consists of...


  • Initial enquiry

  • Review of your requirements and optional free on-site appointment

  • Free no obligation quotation

  • Free design service and production of drawings for planning & presentation

  • Free guidance and advise at any point during the process

  • Free assistance in planning or funding applications

  • In the event of an order, free pre-start meeting attendance

  • Free Method statements & risk assessments

  • Full project management and site management throughout installation

  • Free maintenance literature and guarantee documents

  • Free After sales advise and availability





1m high x 2.4m wide. Fully enclosed
2.4m high x 0.6m extension


1m or 2m standard height

Flow forge – Grid size 100mm x 41mm x 25mm with 25mm square hollow section frame

Curved corner panels



80 x 40 x 3.2mm Rectangular hollow section



100 x 100 x 3.2mm Square hollow section


20mm UV stable HDPE Backboards, cricket
wickets, target panels & goal side panels
Zinc plated nuts & bolts with protective polypropylene cover caps for safety & security

Fully bespoke



Fully bespoke



1.8m high x 3.6m wide. Fully enclosed or open.
3m high x 1.2m extension.


1m, 2m or 3m standard height.

Flow forge – Grid size 100mm x 41mm x 25mm with 80 x 40mm rectangular hollow section frame.

Curved or square corner panels.

All panels anti-climb.



100 x 100 x 4mm square hollow section.


20mm UV stable HDPE Backboards.
Zinc plated nuts & bolts with protective polypropylene cover caps for safety & security

Fully bespoke



Fully bespoke



Steel cricket wickets, integrated shelters



1.8m high x 3.6m wide. Fully enclosed or open.
3m high x 1.2m extension.


1.2m, 1.8m or 3m standard height.

Weld mesh - 200 x 50 grid size (8 / 6mm bars).

Optional sports rebound with 50 x 67mm grid size.



80 x 40 x 3mm rectangular hollow section.


20mm UV stable HDPE Backboards.
Galvanized bracket clamps with security bolts

Fully bespoke



Fully bespoke


NOTE : Pro-Lite fencing can be combined with our Pro-Court goals for a combined system and a cost effective solution.



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Climbing units

Creative play

Shelters & stages

Sand & water play

Playground markings

Playground surfacing

Outdoor spaces


Site furniture







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