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Site furniture

Polulate your playground with everything from benches and picnic tables to litter bins.

SF-1000 - Steel bench

Steel Bench

SF-1100 - Steel picnic table

Steel picnic table

SF-1500 - 1.4m Sleeper bench

1.4m Sleeper bench

SF-1501 - 2.4m Sleeper bench

2.4m Sleeper bench

SF-1502 - 3.6m Sleeper bench

3.6m Sleeper bench

SF-1503 - 1.4m Sleeper bench table

1.4m Sleeper bench table

SF-1504 - 2.4m Sleeper bench table

2.4m Sleeper bench table

SF-1505 - Log seat

Log seat

SF-1506 - Log bench

Log bench

SF-1507 - Log picnic table

Log picnic table

SF-1508 - Buddy Bench

Buddy bench

SF-1509 - Octagonal tree bench

Octagonal tree bench

SF-1510 - Hexagonal tree bench

Hexagonal tree bench

SF-1511 - Story telling area

Story telling area

SF-1512 - Story telling chair

Story telling chair

SF-1600 - Planter bench

Planter bench

SF-1601 - Sleeper planter

Sleeper planter

SF-1602 - Sleeper planter

Sleeper planter

SF-1603 - 3 tier sleeper planter

3 tier sleeper planter

SF-1604 - 3 tier sleeper planter

3 tier sleeper planter

SF-1700 - Straight pergola

Straight pergola

SF-1701 - Planter pergola

Planter pergola

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