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Our range of outdoor fitness equipment and outdoor gym equipment has been designed to extend exercise opportunity to the wider community. With resistance being provided by the users own body weight, these human powered, carbon neutral exercise stations are perfect for both keeping fit and recuperating following injury or illness. 

Suitable for use by all members of the community aged 14+ or over 1400mm tall, and selected equipment suitable for ages 7+, our fitness equipment is suitable for a wide variety of applications to create outdoor fitness facilities in schools, parks, community spaces, leisure facilities, prisons and housing areas. Other typical applications are within hospitals or nursing / residential homes to aid mobility or recuperation after accident / illness or as an extension of sports facilities to assist athletes during warm up / down.


Take a look at the other features and benefits our equipment has to offer:

• Choice of styles and standard colours

• Robust internal movement limiters and sealed bearings

• Zinc primed and powder coated steel

• Galvanised and powder coated steel option available for costal locations

• Individual instructions fitted to each unit

• Robust, vandal resistant specification, increased for UK market

• Choice of cardio, flexibility or strength based exercises

• Features exercise units suitable for rehabilitation

• Low maintenance requirements

• Product guarantee that includes paint process (wear and tear excluded)

• Long lasting, great value and environmentally friendly


Being a proud supporter of the “Change 4 Life” campaign, we are confident that our fitness equipment will encourage and aid your local community to embrace a healthier lifestyle. We hope that we can involve more of the nation to keep fit and active by offering these FREE use exercise units in an uncontrolled yet social and uninhibited environment.


DIN 79000 certified.

We are proud to have achieved certification by Global test organisation TUV to German National Standard DIN 79000 formany items within our range. These items are indicated by the TUV logo on the equipment product pages.

DIN 79000 is the standard on which the harmonised European Standard for Outdoor Gyms EN16630 will be based whenpublished in early 2015. Until this document is published, DIN 79000 is the highest National Standard available withinthe EU and the standard on which purchase should be based and is the standard used by the Register of Playground Inspectors International (RPII) to inspect outdoor gym facilities.




We recommend the use of site signage to inform users of site information and local contact details. Use of signage can help deliver appropriate general, safety and site specific messages. Our signs can be customised to display funders / sponsors logos in a layout that suits you. Signs are an essential part of any free access facility to communicate the age range for which the units are designed and communicate that the equipment is not play equipment.

Use of equipment...

Each unit is supplied with instructions for use which are securely fixed to activity or the central posts. These instructions cover safe use of the equipment only and suitable age range.
We do not specify content of exercise routine as that is the responsibility of each individual user based on their own choice and ability.

Equipment safety...

All units are either certified to DIN 79000 as indicated or designed and manufactured to DIN 79000 standard. Selected units feature internal movement limiters to reduce the opportunity of injury through over stretching or damage through misuse.

Colour choices...

Our standard range of colours are as shown below. Yellow/Red, Green/Silver, Blue/Silver.


• Units Certified to DIN 79000 Standard - Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment - Safety requirements and test methods.

• The highest raw material specification – increased for EU market featuring 140mm diameter posts manufactured from 3.2mm – 5.0mm thick CHS mild steel, zinc primed and electrostatically powder coated. Galvanised and powder coated steel units available at additional cost.

• Aluminium foundation covers and post caps supplied as standard.

• Selected items feature internal movement limiters to remove potential crush points, reduce opportunity of injury through over stretching or damage through misuse.

• Sealed commercial quality bearings used throughout.

• Footrests (where used) are steel with anti-slip grip pattern.

• Usage instructions are attached to each unit encouraging safe and efficient use of each item.

• Comprehensive product guarantee that includes paint process.

• Low maintenance requirements.

• National installation service.

• Lesson plans and Inset Training available for KS2 and KS3 education clients

• Training Handbook available for all other markets.

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