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Netball post

With adjustable hoop height

Product Code : MC-0200

MC-0200 Netball post
MC-0200 Netball post
Heavy duty free standing netball post with adjustable hoop height at 10', 9' & 8'.

Age range:

Dimensions (LxHxD): 

Weight :

Critical fall height :

Minimum space :

Safety Surfacing required :

Standard compliance :

Areas of learning :


4 - 12

0.4m x 3.1m x 0.4m



2m x 5m


BS EN 15312

Physical education

Available in a full range of RAL colours

SM-1000 - Basketball markings

Basketball court marking - 28m x 15m

Available in custom sizes and colours

SM-1001 - Five-a-side markings

Five-a-side court marking - 25m x 16.5m

Available in custom sizes and colours

SM-1004 - Cricket markings

Cricket crease marking - 21m x 3.66m

Available in custom sizes and colours

SM-1005 - Multi sport markings

Multi-sport marking - 32m x 15.25m (Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Five-a-side, Cricket)

Available in custom sizes and colours

SM-3000 - Non slip colour court paint

Full colour non-slip, anti-fungal painted surface

Available in custom colours (prior to application of court markings)

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